16 Tips to Make Entertaining Your Guests Outdoors a Smash

You remember the high school and college days. You had parties all summer, and likely all year long.

You’ve grown up as an adult. Well…maybe only a little.

Nonetheless, you still want to have fun. You already know how. But check out these ideas to spice things up a little:

  1. Comfortable cushions make sitting and relaxing a breeze. Get rid of hard chairs and benches. Or outfit them with comfortable cushioning.
  2. Have theme-based parties, like a red, white, and blue party around July 4th.
  3. Carve a watermelon (just like you would a pumpkin). Use stencils or your own imagination to make fun shapes and words. Consider using it as the centerpiece on your table.
  4. Use lemon slices topped with cloves as decorations…and natural bug repellants. Bugs can’t stand the scent.
  5. Rub half an onion on the grates of your grill to keep food from sticking on it. Makes cooking and cleaning so much easier…and fun.
  6. Use frozen water balloons in a glass bowl as a way of keeping alcoholic drinks cold. Plus, you’ll impress your guests with your unique decorative choice.
  7. Put your condiments in a muffin tin to delight, impress, and organize.
  8. Put a layer of lemons, limes, or oranges beneath your fish before you grill it. It sears in the taste, making it so much stronger.
  9. Umbrellas aren’t just for shade. You can get them in many unique styles to add a touch of class to your outdoor dining area.
  10. Make a simple, but beautiful, centerpiece by trimming the stems off your favorite flowers and placing them in water inside a large serving platter. Simple, but elegant.
  11. Keep dairy-based dips nice’n’cool by filling a large bowl with ice and sprinkling kosher salt on it. Then, place the dip on top.
  12. Drape paper lanterns with dark extension cords to provide the lighting your guests want…in style.
  13. You can do the same with plastic hooks and twinkling light strands. Don’t use nails or staples, as they can pierce the wire, giving you a shocking surprise.
  14. Say goodbye to the possibility of fire and hello to gorgeous decoration with battery-operated candles.
  15. Get a standing fire pit to put on your grass or stone patio.
  16. Consider a tropical, 70s, beach, or old-fashioned lemonade stand theme for your party.

Wow! Now you have a nice list to choose from. You have no excuses for not having fun this summer now.