4 Patio Design Tips For All Season Style

4 Patio Design Tips Deliver Whimsy and Signature Style to Any Outdoor Space

You have the perfect patio for hosting parties, orchestrating family gettogethers, and grabbing a little “you time.” With some design finesse and the right accessories and furniture, you’ll be able to transform your space into the ultimate instant getaway. Our four patio design tips make it easy to impress your guests, regardless of the season.

Bring the Inside to the Outside

Maybe you already have a knack for dressing up the inside of your home. Certain colors, motifs, and themes really speak to you and you know how to leverage their charm to give your home a certain flare. Go ahead and take these similar patterns, colors, and themes and bring them to your outside space. Multitudes of weatherproof fabrics, cushions, lamps, and furniture closely resemble the same quality of furniture you keep inside your home. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have as much fun decorating the outside of your home as you do the inside.

Create a Whole New World

If blurring the lines of interior and exterior decorating is not the direction you want to take, do the opposite and create a completely different space on your patio. Let your imagination lead you as you emulate a beachfront paradise, European bistro, or classic cabana charm. Check out different furniture materials that lend a particular aesthetic, such as teak wood, weather-proof wicker, or ornate cast aluminum. Go bold and exotic with cushion colors and plant unique seasonal plants in containers or hanging planters to give the effect of a unique paradise.

Illuminate Ambience

The effect of overall design really lies in the details. Once you’ve created a foundation for the type of décor you want to feature on your patio, unleash your creativity with accessories, curios, and unique little elements that work together to provide ambience. Items you can try include rugs, candles, LED string lights, Japanese garden lanterns, unique vases, outdoor fans, and lamps. Add brightly colored ottomans as central pieces that encourage everyone to kick back and relax. Try a fountain or fire pit to suggest maximum relaxation. If you’re playing with color schemes, try a rotation of light-colored cushions on dark furniture frames for bold contrast.

Seize the White Space

Don’t let white space intimidate you – harness it! If there’s a blank space on a patio wall or fence, look at yourself as a painter and it as your canvas. You can literally paint that space and create a mural or paint plain bricks to liven up the colors. Experiment with bold hues, really letting your inner creative spirit show. You can also fill that space with a fireplace, framed with plants, to create a place for conversation and star-gazing.

If you have the opposite problem—not a lot of space—you can consider working in the vertical. One great idea is to fill your vertical wall space with greenery, faux or real. Plants naturally draw the eye and develop a paradise-like environment.

Allow our patio design tips to unleash your own great sense of style. For quality, affordable furniture, accessories, and design elements, Casual Living has a wide selection that you can browse online or visit in person at any of our DFW locations.