5 Outdoor Crafts for Children and Families Inspire Bonding Time in the Sun

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As the sun warms North Texas in preparation for spring, families are gradually going outside more often. Whether you enjoy taking your kids to local parks for fishing or biking or relish in family time spend in your backyard, varying the activities you engage your family in brings you closer together. This spring, why not try some outdoor crafts for children that will be fun for the whole family? In today’s blog post we explore five outdoor crafts you can enjoy, bringing you all out of the house, away from the mobile phones and iPads, and back to an organic connection with nature that will build memories far into the future.

Sun Print Cards – Combine the thrill of science with art! Take a sheet of blue sun-print paper and lay it on a piece of cardboard, atop a baking sheet. Then place objects on the paper, such as keys, leaves, or pine needles. Cover the objects with a piece of Plexiglas and leave outdoors in the sun or inside on a sunny windowsill. Within five minutes, the paper will fade, turning white. Rinse with water for about a minute and let the background turn blue, then dry. The images will magically appear in white that can be used as cards or decorations.

Nature Sculptures – Harness your child’s natural curiosity to find objects in nature and use Sculpey modeling clay to create little nature reliefs. Simply soften the clay by kneading it, then roll it into balls slightly larger than a golf ball. Press the clay onto the found objects until the ball a little less than ½” thick. Peel the objects off and place the clay on baking sheets. Bake at 275 degrees for about 20 minutes to harden them.

Popsicle Chalk – Nothing signifies the beginning of warm weather like children scrawling on the sidewalk with chalk. Help your kids make their own with this fun popsicle chalk activity from Reading Confetti. Using just cornstarch, water, and washable tempura paint, you simply freeze the mixture and use as chalk when it’s solid. This activity is perfect for hotter days!

Catapult Painting – For days when the kids want to get a little messy, turn them loose and let them. Explained in full at Fun-A-Day, the plan involves creating your own catapult, dowsing some pom-poms in paint, setting up butcher paper, and letting your kids fire at will.

Fairy Jars – Add a little magic to your lives with these delightful fairy jars from DIY Joy. Only using glow-in-the-dark paint, glitter, and mason jars, this project is after-dark fun for the whole family. As a bonus, kids and teens can keep their “fairy jars” in their rooms as luminescent decorations.

Inspire your whole family to get outside and bond with the beauty of these fun DIY yourself outdoor crafts. For more information on making optimizing backyard family time, discover Casual Living’s online inventory today.