5 Patio Halloween Party Ideas Sure to Cause a Spooky Sensation

5 Patio Halloween Party Ideas Sure to Cause a Spooky Sensation - Casual Living

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween bash for kids or planning to treat all your adult friends to a spooky soiree, one of the best places to host a Halloween party in the DFW area is right in your own backyard. By the end of October, temperatures are still warm enough to make partying outside enjoyable, especially with the help of a fire pit or heaters. This month’s blog focuses on how to plan the for best outdoor Halloween party on the block. We’ve outlined five Halloween party ideas you can consider as you begin planning your boo-worthy bash.

Gather the Characters – No Halloween party is complete without a full cast of Halloween-themed characters. Go to a craft store or thrift store and dig up some classic gems: ghosts, black cats, witches, skeletons with glowing eyes, maybe a Jason Voorhees mask. Know your audience before shopping and then go wild with the creativity. You may even want to strategically hide some of your creepier characters to incite the occasional jump scare from your guests. Add eery music and watch the tension rise.

Make It a Costume Affair – Your inanimate decorations shouldn’t be the only stars of the evening. Make sure you dress up to your witchiest potential and encourage others to do the same. Whether you’re planning a party for adults or youngsters, consider having a costume party, complete with prizes and treats. You can easily acquire inexpensive prizes. Maybe make it a themed party. Whatever you decide to do, letting people show off their costumes always makes for a more fun shindig.

Prepare the Treats – Popcorn balls, rice crispy treats, candy, and fondant-formed ghost cupcakes – your imagination is truly your only limitation when it comes to providing tasty food. Everyone appreciates a sugar overload on Halloween, so start there. You may want to have treat stations where participants perform tricks, such as bobbing for apples, or hang a piñata as a treat free-for-all.

Get the Lighting Right – Proper lighting can make all the difference between a so-so party and a spooktacular one. Add lighting not only so guests can see where they are going, but to also create ambience. Back light cobwebs, mix in some red lights for a sinister glow, and install solar paths or string lights to direct traffic and illuminate party stations.

Spookify Your Patio – Decorating for a Halloween party is all about the details. Dangle spiders from screen doors and trees, dust surfaces and crevices with cobwebs, implement sound effects blaring from a hidden speaker, and dot your patio with carefully carved pumpkins. The more detail you add, the more your guests will ooh and aah.

Run with these Halloween party ideas we’ve shared and create your own fun, festive get together. For accessories to help bring your party to life, including fire pits and patio furniture, check out our on line catalog today.