5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Spring

How to Prepare Your Patio for Spring – 5 Tips Help You Leap into the New Season

Can you believe spring is just weeks away? It seems only yesterday we were showing you patio makeover ideas for the winter season. As the winter temperatures start to wane, spring is an exciting time for North Texans. Gardeners are planting early-blooming annuals, outdoor enthusiasts are getting out on the bike trails, and patio lovers are dusting off their patio furniture to enjoy a new season.

It’s easy to prepare your patio for spring when you have a simple guide. Our five tips get you started.

  1. Check for Repairs – First, you’ll want to take the time to check over all concrete, stone, or brick for unevenness, broken pavers or stones, and sunken areas where water may have collected. If you need to make repairs, contact a landscaping company that specializes in patios, driveways, and retaining walls. You may need to only have minor repairs done, such as resanding joints and resealing pavers. However, if you notice uneven pavers, that might point to a structural problem, requiring more serious repairs such as resurfacing.
  2. Give It a Good Spring Cleaning – Once you’ve concluded that your patio is in good shape, it’s time to clean it. For the most part, you can get the job done with a regular garden hose. However, for removal of more stubborn dirt or moss, we advise you to use a pressure washer. Whether you choose to rent a pressure washer or hire someone to do it professionally, avoid potential damage by starting with the lowest setting first and then slowly dialing it up.
  3. Prepare Your Patio Furniture – Just as important as your maintaining your patio itself is cleaning and preparing your patio furniture. Whether you need to take some patio pieces out of storage or are just sprucing up furniture from winter use, you’ll first want to check all surfaces for cracks, sharp edges, and the occasional stowaway insect that has made its home in a crevice. Next, wash the furniture and cushions with a hose, soft cloth, or vacuum. Be careful to follow any special cleaning instructions that may have accompanied your furniture manufacturer’s guide.
  4. Freshen Your Look – After you have your patio and patio furniture clean and ready to go, you can have fun updating your cushions and upholstery for spring. Pastels like sage or pistachio and brighter colors like teal or canary yellow work well, depending on your tastes and overall color themes. At Casual Living you’ll find a wide variety of weather-resistant cushions from Sunbrella®. We keep up with trendy colors and patterns, supplying exactly what you’re looking for with the changing seasons.
  5. Give Your Plants Some Love – A patio isn’t complete without plants and vegetation. For your early-blooming potted plants, you’ll want to use bleach first to disinfect the pots. Bleach eliminates any harmful bacteria that might have persevered through the cold winter months. Fully rinse the pots to remove the bleach and then refill with fresh soil. To help you give your plants an early season boost, Casual Living has a variety of planters and water cans to add a green thumb detail to your patio arrangement.

While there are multiple ways you can prepare your patio for spring, we’ve outlined the basics to get you started. Jump into spring seamlessly with these tips for continued enjoyment of your peaceful patio. For more patio accessory ideas, check out our catalog.