6 Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Front Yard or Patio

Holiday decorating isn’t about the number of lights you have stapled to your roof or how jolly Christmas Villageyour yard Santa appears. It’s about the spirit behind the act of spreading cheer. We recently highlighted some unique ways to deck your halls and fireside for the holidays, but let’s not forget the parts of your home that draw all eyes – your front yard, porch, and patios you spread tidings of joy with these six outdoor holiday decorating ideas:

Spruce Up Your Doorway – Make your doorway the welcoming focal point of your home by hanging stars, large wreaths, cute holiday signs, and candy canes. Create a traditional nativity or a rustic scene using a vintage sled and a fake snowman. Also, try illuminating your doorway with a homemade candelabra, crafted with old wine bottles and white pillar candles.

Classic Garlands – Garlands never grow old. String up beautiful evergreen boughs, threaded with copper tea lights and string lights. Throw in some ornaments and sugar pinecones for variety. For a fresh idea, create a unique lantern garland by tying nautical rope through the handles of LED lanterns for a gentle glow on a cold, winter evening.

Dancing Lights – Watch your front yard and patio come to life with magical lights. You can string lights on outdoor trees and bushes or wind them through flower boxes filled with ornaments. Hang mason jar lights from trees. You can also make large Christmas light balls by bending chicken wire into a ball and threading strings of lights through the structure.

Celebrate Your Mailbox – Your mailbox stands closest to the road, inviting attention before the rest of your home. Take advantage of its location and deck it out using burlap bows, pinecones, red ribbons, ornaments, and even plaid scarves. Arrange garlands, candy canes, berries, and faux snowmen to create a winter scene. Turn your imagination loose and have fun!

Greens, Greens Everywhere – Go wild with greens and trees. Decorate potted, trimmed shrubs and place wooden letters on each pot to spell a greeting, like “Joy.” Craft a wooden tree with slats of reclaimed wood and decorate with lights or decorate a Christmas tree exclusively for you use your patio or poolside area.

Build an Arbor – Want to really blow your guests away? Build your own arbor, complete with globe lights, garlands, berries, mistletoe, and pine cones strung along the arches. See how handy you are and try making your own using repurposed wooden ladders. Paint or leave natural and decorate to create the perfect glowing vision for your walkway or patio area.

Get started with any of these ideas or think up your own and transform your front yard or patio into a magical scene. And don’t forget to update your furniture, cushions, and fireside accessories for the season. For patio furniture, accessories, and firepits to help with your decorating needs, browse our catalog or call us with questions today.