6 Patio Makeover Ideas to Adapt to Texas Winters


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6 Effective Patio Makeover Ideas to Stay Ahead of Unpredictable Texas Winters

Temperatures around the Dallas-Fort Worth area may be dropping, increasing, and plummeting again in the typical unpredictable fashion for which our climate is known. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy your patio space throughout the winter. You just need to stay ahead of the elements to adapt to the season’s irregularities and stay comfortable.

Here at Casual Living we have put together a list of 6 patio makeover ideas you can utilize to make sure your outdoor oasis stays adaptable to the elements in your DFW backyard.

  1. Install an Enclosed Patio – Many permanent and temporary options exist to protect your patio from cold drafts, wind, and rain. You can build or purchase a pavilion, complete with bistro blinds, sliders, and French doors. For a more temporary solution, many companies offer retractable screens and canopies, perfect for use during the winter and removal during summer. Hanging curtains can also keep drafts out and trap warm air in.
  2. Keep Your Patio Warm – Once you have your enclosure installed, do your part to keep your patio warm with patio heaters. Install as many as you want – just make sure they are evenly distributed. Casual Living offers AZ propane patio heaters, making it easy to turn on the heat when you need it and turn it off when temperatures increase.
  3. Firepits and Fireplaces Aglow – Add extra warmth or a great place to toast marshmallows with firepits and outdoor fireplaces. Kept a safe distance from your enclosure, a glowing firepit or fireplace at night will help create exceptional warmth inside your patio. Casual Living’s selection of firepits, fireplaces, and accessories will keep you warm for the entire season.
  4. Seasonal Colors Equals Comfort – You’d be amazed at the power of suggestive warm colors. Replace your summary all-weather cushions with reds, greens, oranges, and browns. Add a pile of blankets for easy access if the temperatures drop too low. Take the time to clean your old cushions and store for use in the spring or summer.
  5. Manage the Pool and Spa – Fortunately, Dallas winters rarely require you to stop using your pool. If the weather gets cooler, just heat your pool a couple days in advance to a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees and use a pool cover to retain the heat. Your spa water should stay roughly between 100 and 102 degrees.
  6. Warm Meals and Cocktails – High or low temps, having a nice dinner and libations outside is also a welcome treat. However, when the weather does get cooler, serving a warm meal and cocktails actually can help warm up you and your guests. Fire up steaks on the grill and create mixed drinks with brandy and rum for the toastiest of evenings.

Don’t let the winters of North Texas keep you from making the most of your patio every day. Use our patio makeover ideas and come up with some on your own. For weather-resistant cushions, patio furniture, and more outdoor accessories, check out our website’s catalog.