6 Tips for Throwing a Summer Bash

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Patio Party Decorating Ideas – 6 Easy Tips for a Smash Hit End-of-Summer Bash

Summer’s winding down, but that doesn’t mean the partying season has to end. If you like to party on your patio, try out these party decorating ideas from Casual Living and throw a great send-off bash for your favorite season. Whether you’re inviting the entire block or just a few close friends, we’ve put together six of our favorite decorating ideas to help you transform your patio or backyard into a happening joint.

Pick a Theme, Any Theme – People love themes at parties, even if it’s something as simple as lemonade and a game of croquet. Try a tea party, a hoedown-style get-together, or a murder mystery dinner party. Maybe you’re celebrating a September birthday and want to turn it into a Mexican fiesta, complete with a piñata filled with treats. Let your imagination run wild and plan in advance.

Tissue in a Pinch – Sure, you can drive down to the party supply store and spend a fortune, but what’s the fun in that? Tissue paper makes for beautiful, colorful, and economic decorations. All it takes is a little time and craftiness. Create accordion burst fan decorations to hang along outdoor shelves or suspend from trees. You can also make hanging paper globes using pre-cut tissue paper circles.

Get Your Seating Up to Snuff – Having the best places for your guests to have a seat is just as important as the final touches on the decorations. For permanent chairs, we suggest cast aluminum or wicker frames, like many of the chairs we sell at our locations. Temporary seating can always be rented from local party supply stores. Make sure you have colorful pillows to match your party theme.

Prepare a Perfect TableHere you can really have fun and let your creativity flow. Try dried or fresh flowers in clear vases or large mason jars. Use small jelly jars as glasses and try brightly colored rubber bands to mark individual drinks. If you have a little extra time, make some DIY paper snack bowls using plastic bowls and spray paint to match your color scheme.

Crafty Fun – Will there be kids coming to your party? Provide ribbons or streamers so kids can decorate their bicycles and wear off all that energy while the adults visit. For the more artistic minded, provide washable finger paints, sponges, sticks, cotton swabs, and butcher paper to create an outdoor painting studio with minimal mess. For adult creative fun, get together with your besties and fashion your own decorations as part of the party.

Decoration Accessories from Casual Living – To top off your decorations list, stop by Casual Living to look at fans, coolers, and wall art to give your party some pizazz. We have a wide variety of products to match any décor theme or color preference. We know patio life is elemental to your relaxation and we keep our showrooms stocked with decorative implements.

Fall is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of summer left to host a great party. Try our party decorating ideas and experiment with your own creations to serve up fun while the season is still hot. For more decorating ideas, browse our catalog, stop by any Dallas-Fort Worth location, or call us with questions.