How to Dress Up the Fireside for the Holidays – 5 Fresh Tips to Help You Brighten the Season

Fireplace with Christmas decorationWhether or not you’re roasting chestnuts this wintry season, you want your fireside to be the coziest place in your home. Look to Casual Living for crafty expertise on how to dress up the fireside for the holidays, and radiate your true seasonal spirit. From traditional to trendy vintage, let these five tips inspire you this December:

  1. Choose Your Colors
    Simply taking the time to strategize your color scheme will transform your fireside and mantel into a stunning setting for the holidays. Go with traditional green, red, gold, and white to suggest the simple majesty of Christmas or Advent, or focus on white to signify the serene elegance of the season. Transform your mantel into a retro showcase with chartreuse, lavender, and pink, or try understated and rustic with white, grey, and charcoal.
  2. Garlands Galore
    Garlands are a stock decoration for fireside holiday decorating, but take the time this year to add a twist to the old, familiar greens. Interweave white floral cones instead of pine cones into cedar garlands to let the colors really pop, or scatter an assortment of antique glass ornaments throughout the fronds. Use feathers or feminine strips of linen for unexpected texture, or grape vine dotted with cranberries for romantic, rustic appeal.
  3. Set the Scene
    If the celebration of the holidays is a show to sit back and enjoy, then allow your fireside to be the stage. Hang the stockings of your choice, and add mantel letters that spell “Joy” or “Peace,” placed on a bed of white cotton “snow.” Set up a classic crèche scene, use wooden animal figures like moose or deer to depict a winter wonderland, or work lanterns and your favorite greenery or ornaments into the mix. At the top, place your brightest star, attracting the attention of the room.
  4. Candies and Crystal
    For a light and fun decoration that adds pop to any room, try filling crystal or glass cylindrical vases with candies, ornaments, pine cones, sprigs of cedar, or other baubles that you find fascinating. Place them directly onto your mantel, or on a bed of cotton for an airy, seasonal effect. Dangle matching beads among the vases to complete the look. Candies to include might be ribbon candy, multicolored chocolates, candy canes, or taffy. The combinations are endless!
  5. Celebrate All Month Long
    Kick the festivities off early, and celebrate an entire month of Christmas with a fireplace advent calendar. While you can purchase a variety of premade fireplace advent calendars, one DIY idea is to take 24 small, linen or burlap drawstring bags, and stencil numbers on them with paint. Use thread or twine and clothespins to suspend each lettered bag along your mantel, and fill them with goodies that your whole family can enjoy.

As you learn how to dress up the fireside for the holidays, consider upgrading your fireplace accessories with a new screen, insert, or beautiful wrought iron tools to provide maximum contentment and efficiency. Browse our fireside section today for more ideas.