How to Prep for, And Handle, Massive Amounts of Snow


Your kids…they can’t wait for the snow to fall.

You? Ughhh…that means more shoveling and snow blowing. Driving gets more dangerous.

If you get a lot of snow, someone might have to stay home with the kids.

Snow’s beautiful to look at. But it seems more like an inconvenience when you’re an adult.

Another area where you might worry about snow is your back yard. How should you handle it?

Check out these tips to learn more:

  1. Whatever You Do, Don’t Worry about Shoveling Your Deck!

It can actually do more harm than good. It’s tempting to want to shovel your deck to protect it from the moisture.

Remember, plastic and composite decking does not get damaged by water. Wood decks are treated and cured specifically to resist the warping moisture can cause.

When you shovel your deck, you could cause scrapes and gouges. You’ll have to look at those all summer long, remembering the mistake you made. Or, you’ll have to foot the repair bill.

However, if you need to shovel your deck to make a path, you can shovel it without causing damage. Shovel the long parallel way – with the deck boards.

Use a broom to sweep snow off if possible. And if it’s not, go with a plastic shovel.

  1. How to Prep for Snow


If you don’t have any snow on the ground right now, you still have some time yet to prep for snowfall, if you’re expecting one. Rake any dead leaves in your lawn, as they can suffocate your grass and make good homes for diseases and pests.

Fertilize your grass. Aerate your lawn. Sow cool-season grass seed. Or hire a lawn service to do all that for you. To keep your grass healthy, cut it about an inch or so higher than the normal summer height.

When your annual plants die, clear them out and throw them away or add them to your compost heap. If you don’t, you risk attracting more disease and insect pests.

Young flowers, shrubs, and small trees may need protection from the elements. Wrap them in a breathable fabric like burlap, or install screens. That also keeps critters from making these plants their next delicious snack.

Make sure you’re ready to combat ice with either salt or sand.

Winter should be at an end soon – and we hope you make it through okay!