How to Winterize Patio Furniture – 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Backyard Year Round

Winter doesn’t shut down Northern Texas like other regions in the country, making it possible for Dallas-area residents to enjoy patio bliss even during the coldest months. However, bouts of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures still present threats to outdoor furniture. Applying these 5 easy tips will help you learn how to winterize patio furniture for optimal backyard entertainment, regardless of the season.

To Store or Not to Store?

Whether to store patio furniture inside or just cover it between uses depends largely on material type. Aluminum, resin, synthetic wicker, and poly lumber are all safe to keep outside, but should be kept dry under a durable furniture cover. Metals and wrought iron may rust, warranting at least a cover. Plastic may get brittle and crack in freezing temperatures, requiring storage. Natural teak and rattan furniture should also be stored in the garage or another dry place until warmer months set in. Finally, the filling in cushions can easily break down or mold, making it advisable to take them inside when not in use.

Clean and Dry All Furniture Before Storage

Before you store or cover any furniture, make sure you clean and thoroughly dry each piece to prevent mold, staining, and accumulation of dust. Wipe down furniture with a solution of one part bleach, four parts water, and use warm, soapy water to wash cushions and umbrellas. If you clean teak or wicker furniture, also apply a layer of specialty oil once a year to preserve color and protect against scratches.

Take the Time to Make Repairs

When you winterize patio furniture, seize the opportunity to make any necessary small repairs. Sew back together split cushion seams, and tighten all the screws and bolts on tables and chairs. Fix up any scratches with touch-up paint. If some damage is beyond repair, you may want to recycle the old, and replace it with a new, updated piece.

Store Furniture Correctly

If you want the convenience of keeping your furniture outside year round, we recommend using breathable fabric covers like those you’ll find in our showroom. These covers reduce rusting and prevent debris from collecting and staining your furniture.

When storing furniture inside your garage or other storage area, place the frames right side up to allow moisture to escape, preventing water from freezing and expanding, which can cause furniture to break.

Turn Up the Heat

Like most Texans, you don’t let a little cold bother you, making it possible to lounge outside or throw al fresco dinners even during the coldest months. To make outdoor entertainment even more enjoyable, try adding patio heaters to your setup or install a patio firepit for late-December marshmallow roasting. Nothing could be cozier!

Never let the weather dampen your outdoor gatherings when you learn how to winterize patio furniture. Browse our website or visit a showroom today for furniture covers, outdoor firepits, and patio heaters to help you keep your backyard a warm oasis.