Patio Cooling Options Throw Shade on Heat and Humidity

When you’re blessed with sun for three-quarters of the year in North Texas, you have maximum time to enjoy your patio space. However, sometimes the sun shines a little too hot. Keep enjoying your patio time and the sun with these patio cooling options from Casual Living. With just a few modifications and a little investment, you’ll stay comfortable outside, even during the warmest days of the season.

Patio Misting Fans

Built-in outdoor cooling systems are effective, but expensive. Go the more flexible and affordable route with patio misting fans. Most outdoor misting fans are large floor flans with several built-in mist jets, allowing the fan to disperse water as it produces airflow. The result is cool air outside after the water evaporates and lowers the ambient temperature.

A quality misting fan will also allow you to accurately aim cooling where you want it and adjust the fan speed. For days with higher humidity, turn off the mist function and rely on the fan.

Ceiling Fans

If you spend time outside frequently and enjoy hosting patio parties, try outfitting your roof shelter with a ceiling fan. Simply stop by a home improvement store for an inexpensive model. While a ceiling fan won’t actually lower the temperature, it will fool your body into thinking you are cooler because of the wind chill effect. Ceiling fans are also ideal for humid climates because it won’t add humidity to your patio area, keeping you feeling cooler regardless of the day.

Shade Management

You don’t need to add creative fan placement or special cooling systems to beat the heat. Sometimes all you need is a little strategy. Because patio pavers absorb the heat of the sun and radiate it back to you, managing shade goes a log way.

You can try erecting a covered patio with an awning or solid roof or build a pergola that supports a climbing vine. Patio umbrellas add shade and color to any outdoor setup. And you can enlist the help of nature by planting hedges along the southern or western sides of your patio to cast shadows in the afternoon.

Throw Down a Rug

Few things are more uncomfortable than scalding hot pavers. Especially if you have a pool and spend some time barefoot, add colorful outdoor rugs to your décor. Casual Living’s Treasure Garden are as beautiful as they are functional, enhancing the ambience of your outdoor space as well as protecting your toes, making it easy to kick off your shoes and bask in the glow of your oasis.

Casual Living Helps You Stay Cool All Season Long

We want you to be able to enjoy your patio as much as possible, even during the extreme temperatures we face every summer. Look to Casual Living for patio cooling options and products such as fans and coolers that will help you stay comfortable. For more information, check out our online catalog or call us today.