AZ Patio Propane Heaters

AZ Patio Propane Heaters Warm Up Cool Nights

When you want to warm up your patio and either don’t want to put in the effort to make a fire or don’t own a fire pit, patio propane heaters by AZ Patio Heaters are the answer. AZ Patio Heaters have been a leading distributor of patio heaters in the US since 2002. The company is dedicated to ensuring quality and user-friendliness with every product. At Casual Living, we are pleased to offer a variety of their propane-fueled patio heaters.

Convenient and elegant, these patio propane heaters feature:

Don’t let cooler nights keep you from enjoying your patio. Pick up an AZ Patio propane heater from Casual Living today and enjoy your outdoor space every day of the year. Find patio propane heaters and other products at any of our five Casual Living locations.  For product questions, call or e-mail us today.