How To Prepare Your Patio for Easter

5 Outdoor Easter Décor and Party Planning Tips Help You Hop into the Celebration

Spring is in full swing here in North Texas. Temperatures are warming up and the sun is starting to show its face more regularly. With March 20th as the first official day of the new season, we in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can now look forward to flowers starting to bloom, longer hours spent outside, and, of course, Easter.

Whether you’re planning a family Easter brunch or a dinner party for your friends and their kids, we have some ideas to get you started. Read this five outdoor Easter décor and patio party tips and make this Easter a splendid day for all.

  1. Spruce Up Your Furniture – We recently covered a handful of ways you can prepare for spring. In addition to those reminders, it’s important to make sure your furniture is clean from winter use (or disuse) and ready for company. For wicker, we recommend using a vacuum with the soft bristle attachment for light dust and a damp sponge with liquid soap to remove more stubborn dirt. For plastic, metal, or painted frames, hose off dust and dirt or use a liquid car soap in a bucket of water and scrub with a bristle brush. Hose to rinse.For wood or teak, hose off the dust and dirt with just water or use a soft bristle brush for stubborn particles. Never use soap on wood, as it will dry the material and trap dirt inside the grain. Allow wood to dry in direct sunlight. Special wood cleaning products can be purchased at a hardware store for deep cleaning.
  2. Dust Off Those Cushions and Umbrellas – To get your seating in perfect order for your guests, we recommend cleaning outdoor cushions and fabric by hosing off mild dirt. For a more thorough cleaning, use liquid laundry soap in a bucket and a spray bottle. Scrub with a soft bristle brush. Hose off to rinse, stand the cushions on edge to drain, and let them dry in the direct sunlight. Never machine wash and dry.You’ll want your patio umbrellas sparkling as well. Use the same techniques as described for cushions. To dry, you can leave them opened or closed.
  3. Tables Beautiful – Now that your furniture is clean and ready for the party, make plans for flower arrangements and decorations. Popular Easter bouquets include forsythia, daffodils, pussy willows, hyacinth, and tulips. Mix and match or decorate each table with your own favorite flora. Porcelain rabbits, beds of moss topped with shimmering dyed eggs, or wooden Easter-themed lettering and signs make for a welcoming ambiance. Try strands of lights for late evening soirees.
  4. Easter Egg Hunt – Take advantage of your large outdoor space and create an Easter egg hunt for all the young ones and the young at heart. Used wrapped chocolate candy eggs or plastic eggs filled with candy or other treats. You can also try a scavenger hunt, using hints and clues that lead to various Easter goodies hidden throughout your backyard.
  5. Don’t Forget the Food – Who could forget the best part of any party? For cuisine that tempts all pallets, find a new kind of egg this year – the Big Green Egg. Based on the traditional Japanese kamado, this three-in-one smoker, grill, and oven allows you to make an incredible variety of dishes for parties. Make it a fun potluck by having your guests bring their favorite sides to accommodate your Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb or Grilled Peeps. Casual Living has Big Green Eggs available at all our DFW locations.

Enjoy precious time with family and friends on April 16th with these outdoor Easter décor and party ideas. For more patio supplies and furniture options, check out our catalog today.