How to Prepare Your Patio for Fall

Luxury PatioPrep Your Patio and Decorate for Fall –  Simple Ideas for a Stellar Turn of the Season

Can you believe fall is already here? We sure can’t. With the autumnal equinox already behind us, we now turn our attention to the season of pumpkin spice and other things nice. And for Texans, now is the beginning of the truly hospitable weather. You can spend longer hours on your patio, throwing fall get-togethers for your friends and family.

As with all seasons, there are a variety of effective and fun ways you can prep your patio and decorate for the changing time of year. We’ve thrown together some of our favorite ideas for updating your outdoor living space as you enjoy the cooler temps.

Think Green – One great thing about the fall in Texas is that you can update your worn out summer flowers with new plants and shrubs. Replace stressed florae with winter blooms like geraniums, petunias, or snapdragons, using fall colors such as reds, yellows, oranges, whites, and violets.

Fall is also ideal for shrubs, as long as you plant while the soil is still warm. Shrubs you may want to try include crotons, hibiscus, and dwarf ixora.

Do a Clean Sweep – Next, tackle a nice fall cleaning of your outdoor furniture, using a mild detergent and soft brush for most materials. Sweep your patio, weed surrounding landscaping, and pressure-wash areas that require it. Take this time to perform other maintenance tasks like sealing cracks and crevices with a patio sealant.

You’ll also want to wash patio furniture cushions and treat stains, if necessary, and replace them with seasonal colors to set the stage for autumn parties.

Bring on the Decorations Getting ready for fall just wouldn’t be complete without decorating ideas. You’ll want to start, of course, with warm hues. Observe the best colors of the season and begin with a floral wreath or vase as the centerpiece of your table. Specifically, choose sunflowers, daisies, and lilies, bookended with gourds or pumpkins to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Get creative with bows, wicker baskets, and fall print tablecloths to add zest to any spread.

Make Your Guests Comfy – If you’re going to have people over, one of your biggest priorities should be making them feel welcome. And with a nip in the air, the fastest way to their hearts is to give them a way to snuggle up. Keep a pile of fuzzy, warm blankets nearby for guests to grab while eating a twilight dinner with you in your backyard. Also, keep it bright for your guests and yourself by getting resourceful with additional light sources. Twinkling lights and fake candles add a sense of magic in the air, while it making it possible for you to enjoy your patio longer.

Firepits and HeatersConsider fall preparations complete once you fire up your heater or firepit for the season. At Casual Living, we have a wide variety of both types of appliances, made from materials ranging from aluminum to wood-like composite substrate. You’ll also find fireside accessories to keep your guests and you safe. For a rustic twist, grab a couple straw bales to serve as seating for late-night fire gatherings. Just make sure you check the weather to avoid windy conditions that can blow embers.

How will you get your patio together this year for maximum enjoyment? Use our tips to prep your patio and decorate, while your imagination leads you into one of our greatest seasons. For patio furniture and firepits, browse our catalog, or call us with decorating questions.