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Patio Design Services from Casual Living
Count on Us to Design Your Dream Patio

Not everyone has the eye for design or time it takes to plan a picture-perfect patio or garden setting. We take the guesswork out of the process with our patio design services, guaranteed to help you just relax and watch your vision unfurl. As a full-service patio furnishings company, we provide a speedy, custom exterior design plan package, complete with accessories, that turns your vision of a patio paradise into reality.

Casual Living design experts will come to your door, talk to you about your ideas, and brainstorm possibilities. Then we’ll help you plan the design, pick the furniture, and choose colors, fabrics, and any accessories.

Design Assistance for Any Home, Any Motif

Regardless of your design preferences or outdoor setup, we know how to work with you and your outdoor space on an individual basis to create a patio or garden oasis in no time.

Our patio design services deliver:

For more questions about our patio design services, call or email us. Or browse our online selection to start dreaming today.