Top 5 Elements For Outdoor Entertaining


Top Five Outdoor Entertaining Elements for Any Occasion, Any Season

For those of us living in North Texas, outdoor entertaining isn’t seasonal. Spring, summer, fall, and – yes – even winter find Texans living it up on their patios and poolside decks. Whether you just enjoy having family dinners outside by the firepit, or want to start throwing block parties for all your neighbors, it’s important to know what kind of outdoor entertaining implements are available on the market.

If you don’t know where to start, or if you’re looking to add to your patio décor, we’re including the top five furniture pieces and accessories you can’t party without:

  1. Tables Galore – The table is the centerpiece of camaraderie and merrymaking. How your table looks and what it’s made of are essential to creating an entire oasis of fun and relaxation for those who come to your backyard. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose from materials like cast aluminum, plastic, wicker, or solid wood. Your patio furniture distributor will help explain the pros and cons of each material before you buy.


  1. Classy Chairs – Any great patio table requires comfortable seating. Choose chairs that match or complement your table in materials and finish. You can get creative with your décor theme here, choosing anything from rustic Adirondack seating to ornate, wrought iron bistro designs. Some of the best seating for dining includes deep cushioning for optimal comfort while sipping wine or spending hours chatting. For more lounge-style chairs, looks into swivel rockers and even chaise lounges.


  1. Stunning Umbrellas – Create a colorful cabana or bistro-style paradise with any number of umbrellas and coverings for your beautiful patio. You’ll find a vast array of colors and patterns to choose from in weather-resistant and UV-resistant fabric that will last for years. If you prefer the tiki design, many companies offer wooden poles instead of the more traditional metal for a warmer, more casual look.


  1. Comfy Cushions – Just as important are the cushions you sit on during your outdoor entertaining Here’s an area where don’t want to skimp. For you and your guests, look for cushions with durable jacquard weaving and weather-resistant technology. You’ll also want cushions that require minimal maintenance, because you’ll need them holding up and looking great even with regular use.


  1. Accessories, Grills, and Firepits – No patio is complete without a grill or firepit to keep your guests cozy and well-fed. Spend long summer nights cooking up BBQ for your friends and neighbors, or light up the patio firepit to enjoy your outdoor space well into the heart of winter. Also, think about mirrors, garden sculptures, coolers, lamps, and rugs that can add multiple creative dimensions to your furniture pieces.


Outdoor entertaining is an art form than many patio lovers take great pride in. Browse our online catalog for more outdoor entertaining furniture ideas, or contact us today with any questions. [Catalog, Contact]