Top 6 Tailgating Tips for Throwing a Sensational Parking Lot Party This Fall

Top 6 Tailgating Tips for Throwing a Sensational Parking Lot Party This Fall

Football season is here, which means a cornucopia of celebratory traditions await us, including the well-loved tailgate party. From high school games to pro events, there’s nothing better than throwing a little pre-game celebration with your friends in the parking lot before the kickoff.

But throwing together a tailgating shindig requires good planning. Like the football players you adore, a successful tailgate party is a dance of well-timed food prep, seamless team effort, and effective strategy. Check out our six tailgating tips in this month’s blog post to make sure that your tailgate party scores a touchdown every time.

Plan for Comfort – During fall weather, you can expect chilly temperatures. Make sure you bring a basket or container filled with warm blankets and throws. You can also keep your guests comfortable by providing collapsible seating for people who would rather sit than stand. After all that food prep, you’ll also probably appreciate having a place to rest before walking into the stadium.

Storage Strategy – Properly storing refrigerated foods in coolers and precooked foods in a thermal tray helps keep food safe and tasty. We recommend packing each type of food into a container that is just big enough to hold each item. You’ll want to pack your cooler(s) just before leaving home, placing meat items on the bottom in between ice packs. Put your dry items, such as napkins and cutlery, in a separate box for easy access. Keep perishable items in the cooler until it’s time to use them.

Party-Friendly Serving Containers – We suggest choosing outdoor tableware, such as the melamine dinnerware we offer at Casual Living, to use for tailgate fare. Known to be highly durable and unbreakable, these designs still look like fine plates and bowls without you worrying about them shattering as the fun heats up.

Your Getaway Grill – While it’s possible to concoct a tailgate party menu based just on precooked and non-cooked foods, there’s something undefinably satisfying about grilling up burgers for your friends in the parking lot as you get ready for the game. Several mini or collapsible grills are available on the market. Or you could kick up your tailgating game a notch by throwing your Big Green Egg in the back of your truck and impressing your guests with some serious pre-game cuisine.

Premade Snacks – In addition to the grilled food, have your guests each bring a premade snack, whether they choose chips and salsa or potato salad. A couple other ideas may be a quick bean dip or S’mores on a Stick. For the bean dip, keep all the ingredients separate in transport and then combine when you get to your destination. You can make S’mores on a Stick by placing marshmallows on wooden skewers and dipping each in melted chocolate. Then roll in graham cracker crumbs for all the taste of classic s’mores without the mess.

Convenient Details – Just to help things run a little more smoothly, get in touch with guests beforehand and see what they will be bringing so you can plan your own menu a little more carefully. Once at the parking lot, delegate a task to each person: food prep, serving, grilling, and clean up. This will keep everything running smoothly so you can get to the game quickly once you’re finished.

At Casual Living, we’re happy to help you serve up the best party you can with these tailgating tips and more options available at our five DFW locations. We’re also a popular source for grills, seating, tableware, and other accessories essential to the tailgating experience. For any product questions, call or e-mail us today.